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There is a high demand for solar panels and, therefore, also for installers. As a result, incompetent mechanics and even amateurs will start installing. The result is, unfortunately, a huge increase in unsafe installations. Go for safe and choose national InstallQ-certified providers.

InstallQ gives accreditations to skilled installation companies. The InstallQ recognition is the recognition in our field.

Why choose an InstallQ installer?

An InstallQ installation company has proof of knowledge, skills, and safety, among other things. We have been extensively checked for professional competence requirements.

Work is always carried out per the applicable strict standards and requirements, including the Building Decree and the NEN standards that apply.

InstallQ goal: safe installations of high quality through quality controls.

InstallQ installation companies, including Elektra Unie, work according to safety regulations and applicable laws and regulations. An InstallQ installation company is skilled in building, installing, or maintaining installations. An InstallQ installation company can, among other things, install group cabinets, install central heating boilers or solar panels or carry out installation maintenance.

Elektra Unie, an InstallQ installer, will issue a declaration of conformity document. With this, Elektra Unie declares to comply with, among other things, the Building Decree and the standards mentioned therein.

Sustainability installer is a liberal profession; unfortunately, education and/or experience are not required. As a result, it is unclear whether an installation company works carefully. Without recognition, you risk (failure) costs, mistakes, or the safety of residents.


We go beyond the highest quality

Solar power

Elektra Unie is a competent Solar Power installer. Accreditation is essential for the excellent performance of the installation according to the current standard.

For high-risk

VCA stands for Safety, Health, and Environment Checklist Contractors. Obtaining the VCA shows that Elektra Unie works safely, healthily, and environmentally friendly.

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Inspector of electrical work equipment

Elektra Unie has been trained as an inspector of electrical work equipment per the NEN3140 standard. Elektra Unie is qualified according to the attainment targets of SCIOS Scope 9.

Strict control of

SGS is an expert and independent third party for performing quality checks on our products.



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