Save big

on your energy bill

Installed within 1 day

Purchasing solar panels is a smart investment that you quickly earn back. In addition, schemes such as offsetting arrangements make buying solar panels attractive. If you purchase solar panels through Elektra Unie, we will help you with anything from personal advice to a professional installation. We install the solar panels within 1 day.

Solar panels package with an all-in price

For our solar panels, you pay an all-in price, and our package consists of the solar panels, the inverter, and the professional installation.

The inverters form the most essential part of the complete solar panel installation. The inverter ensures that the direct current generated by the solar panels is converted into alternating current.

All equipment in the house works on 230 volts of alternating current, and with the inverter, it becomes possible to use the generated electricity.

In addition to the best products, we help you reclaim VAT or apply for subsidies.

Generating energy starts with the sun.

Our solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. With solar panels, you are your own energy supplier. Solar panels generate electricity by converting the light from the sun into electricity. Solar energy is practically inexhaustible. On average, we have 4.38 hours of sunlight daily in the Netherlands and Belgium, and solar panels are highly suitable for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Are you considering solar panels?
Here's how it works

There is a choice of different solar panels. The solar panels themselves are, of course, an essential part of your personal solar system. Our experts have selected the three best solar panels for you to make it easy.

Choose a part of the day that suits you, ask questions, and discuss your living situation with our experts in a free consultation over the phone or at your home. 

After the consultation, you will receive a free quote with clearly defined options. Please review our quote and compare it with those of other providers. If you have any questions, our experts are at your service. If agreed, return the signed quote.

A mechanic checks whether your roof and meter cupboard is suitable for installing solar panels. In addition, we check whether there is room for the inverter. 

Are you curious which solar panels you can choose from? Then look at the offer. Too confusing? Our experts will explain the differences and what suits you best.

Within a day, the solar panels will be on your roof. So you start saving immediately.

Interested? Ask for your personal offer.

With Elektra Unie, you make use of years of experience with the installation of solar panels. In a free consultation, we discuss your wishes and situation. You will then receive a free quote. Complete and honest tailor-made advice and a great offer.

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