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Elst, Netherlands

19 panels - 7505 watt peak

Wijchen, Netherlands

8 panels - 2880 watt peak

Tilburg, Netherlands

8 panels - 2600 watt peak

Druten, Netherlands

9 panels - 3555 watt peak

Kranenburg, Netherlands

16 panels - 5440 watt peak

Malden, Netherlands

11 panels - 4400 watt peak

Nijmegen, Netherlands

16 full-black panels - 2 homes.

Nijmegen, Netherlands

24 panels - flat roof - 4800 watt peak

Arnhem, Netherlands

5 panels

Do you also want to save money with solar panels?

Brand: Ja Solar

Type: Full black
Capacity: 395 Wp
Colour solar panels: Black
Bezel colour: Black
Product warranty: 15 years
Performance guarantee: 84,8% in 25 years
Number of cells: 120


Brand: Bob

Type: Full black glass-foil
Capacity: 410 Wp
Colour solar panels: Black
Bezel colour: Black
Product warranty: 25 years
Performance guarantee: 95,2% in 25 years
Number of cells: 108


Brand: Bob

Type: Full black Glass-glass
Capacity: 430 Wp
Colour solar panels: Black
Bezel colour: Black
Product warranty: 30 years
Performance guarantee: 92% in 30 years
Number of cells: 120

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More smart energy products

The inverter provides usable energy.

An inverter ensures that the direct current generated by the solar panels is converted into alternating current. All equipment at home works on 230 volts of alternating current, and with the inverter, it becomes possible to use the generated electricity.

A solar water heater halves your gas consumption for hot water.

Our solar water heaters are installations that use solar energy to heat up water. When heating water with our solar water heaters, there are no CO2 emissions. With a solar water heater, you can save a lot on your energy consumption.

Charging solutions for electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Our charging solutions are compatible with all car makes and models. Increasingly, car charging stations are being integrated into an existing system of solar panels so that the car's battery can be charged with solar energy.


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